Why Indian Railways has to pay INR 75,000 to a passenger?

The Indian Railways has been asked by the State Consumer Commission to pay INR 75,000 to a passenger who had to face inconvenience when his reserved seat was occupied by some unauthorised persons for most part of his journey.

The Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC) has upheld the district forum’s order where the Indian Railways has been directed to deduct one third of the compensation from the salary of the ticket checker who was on duty that day. The ticket checker had failed to ensure that the reserved seat of the aggrieved passenger was not used by anyone else.


V Vijay Kumar, a New Delhi resident, had complained of inconvenience, on March 30, 2013 in the Dakshin Express Train, which was scheduled to go from Vishakhapatnam to New Delhi. He claimed that his knee-joint pain worsened as his lower berth seat was occupied by someone else.

“The compensation of INR 75,000 awarded by the district forum is reasonable and appropriate. The same has been awarded by considering the facts and circumstances of the case,” the bench headed by its president Justice Veena Birbal said.
However, the commission has refused to enhance the compensation which has been awarded to the Delhi resident V Vijay Kumar.

Kumar has alleged in his complaint that some unauthorised people entered into his compartment and occupied his seat at Bina Station in Madhya Pradesh. Also, they created a lot of nuisance and even caused inconvenience to him as well as to his co-passengers.


Kumar tried complaining to the TTE and other railway official but no one was available, he had claimed in his complaint.

The district forum ordered the compensation after the Railways failed to appear before them while apologising for their deficient service.