India’s First Railway Station Built By People

There have been several instances wherein we entreat something from God and the desire is met bountifully. However, when in India, it is easier to have your wishes met when asked from God than it is from government officials.

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These god-men living in Taj Nagar, the suburbs of Gurgaon couldn’t stand the laxness of Government and thence made a stride that no one thought that they would. For years, all they have been asking for is a functional railway station, without which commutation was a big predicament for them.

The next big station was at Faridabad, which was located at a startling distance of 53km or Patli, which was 7 km away, however, did not entertain many trains. Furthermore, there weren’t any roads for Patli railway station. If one had to go there, they must take the uneven and rocky avenue of the village.

In a rare display of public cooperation, strength and managerial skills, this village has proved the will and power of a common man. Building their own railway station and managing to have more than 8 trains- back and forth is a rather applaudable activity.

1. For as long as 25 years, men and women from this village stocked up in the bustling corridors of government offices, asking to make a station for them.

2. Tired & frustrated, they decided to make it themselves. Each villager then donated an amount depending upon their capacity. Starting from INR 3,000 to 75,000 everyone contributed everything that they could.

3. People made donations in their own unique ways too, by installing water coolers, ticket counters, benches etc at the station premises.

4. With the collection, they were able to collect 21 lac rupees, with which they build their own station.

5. An eleven-member committee “Gram Seva Samiti” took charge of the entire event.

6. They fetched some land and technical assistance from the Indian Railways.

7. The revered Indian Railways charged INR 5.6 lac to the village for the land, display board, project report, supervision and other assistance.

8. The railway station was built on a trading terms between the two- You (the villagers) provide us the railway station and we will facilitate you with the trains (Government).

9. Close to 7 passenger trains now stop here. These trains run on the Gurgaon-Rewari route.

10. Now, farmers, students, families travel without any trouble. Even at odd hours, they do not hesitate in helping passengers to commute to and from the station.

11. Jamalpur, Dardi, Baslambi, Khadkhadi, Mukhdvas and other 20 villages are elated with the initiative.


The villagers have been quite responsible in regard with the entire event. Since there aren’t any managing authorities, the security is managed by the people only. Now the only vex hovering over their head is the no-shelter platform, which will be resolved too.

Way to go people!

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