ISI Agent Flees To Pakistan From UAE

ISI agent, Moh. Shafi Sheikh who played a major role in provoking people in places like India and Nepal to plant heavy explosives on railway tracks across Bihar last year, fled to Pakistan from Dubai. Before India and Nepal could request the authorities of UAE to seek Sheikh’s custody, he had already made his way to Pakistan. He is also accused for a double murder case and transporting fake currency to India through Nepal from many different entry points.


Shamshul Hoda who is a Nepalese businessman first met the ISI agent in Malaysia. According to a National Investigation Agency (NIA) team, Moh. Shafi Sheikh had asked Hoda to “create mayhem” in India. On February 2, Hoda was arrested by the Nepal police for being involved in killing two people who were hired initially for carrying out “spectacular incidents in India.”


“Hoda told us that he was not sure about the association of Shafi [Sheikh] and three others with Pakistan’s ISI but he says he was asked to do something spectacular in India. He says he stayed in a bungalow at Karachi for two days, where he was treated well and asked to rope in his local contacts to create trouble in India,” a Nepal police official said.


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Home Minister Rajnath Singh however said that “the Prime Minister did not directly mention ISI’s name in the Kanpur train derailment case” and investigations in three train accidents were yet to be completed by the NIA.”