ixigo Empowers Women, Urges Them to Travel

A famous quote reads, “Travel is the ultimate expression of freedom.” This Women’s Day, ixigo agrees to this empowering statement and urges women to break all stereotypes and travel.

Travel is an essential part of each one’s life but women in India have been subjected to various forms of taboo surrounding the idea of travelling. Women have always been hearing phrases like – Log kya Kahenge?’, ‘Shaadi ke baad Jaana!’, ‘Kya karogi jaake?’, etc. from people around them. This video is ixigo’s way to confront the reality of this situation.

The video strikingly highlights the true experiences of women being subjected to various taboos that are attached to travel, especially in India. We want women to break free from apprehensions, embrace the joy of travel and make travel a part of their lives.

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We would love for all women to become a part of this revolution. Tell us about instances when you had to compromise on travel plans, and also how you overcame the hurdles! Use #RukJaanaNahi @ixigo while posting on Twitter. You could also join the conversation on Facebook.