Latest Projects By Indian Railways: New Railways Line, Solar Plants And More

Indian Railways has been working tirelessly to improve the passenger travel experience. From vertical lift rail bridge to monorail projects, the national transporter has done it all.

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Here are some of the latest projects by Indian Railways:

Mass Rapid Transit System Corridor between Chennai Beach and Velachery

Indian Railways is working on a mass rapid transit system that will improve the Chennai suburban network and offer a speedy & convenient travel experience to passengers.

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Here are the pictures:

A new railway line in Andhra Pradesh

Indian Railways has completed a new railway line between New Piduguralla-Savalyapuram for 46 km in Andhra Pradesh.

Here are the details:


Railways set up a solar power plant in Bina in Madhya Pradesh

In a first, Railways has built a solar power plant in Bina, Madhya Pradesh to directly power the overhead railway line.

Previously, Indian Railways completed 200 pending renovation projects during the lockdown and is also working efficiently to ensure a safe travel experience for its passengers.