Latest Railway Updates: Major Developments by Railways!

The lockdown period has been extremely productive for the Railways with numerous developments on the mark sheet. The Railways tried its best to improve passengers’ experience by making their services better.

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Here are the major recent developments by Railways:

1. Drones being used for the safety of trains and tracks in the Jabalpur Rail Division

Indian Railways is taking the help of Q2 HD drones for the protection of trains, bridges, and properties around it. Through this, railways is not only able to monitor the train but is also able to survey dangerous bridges and nearby properties. The use of this drone has already been started by the West Central Railway.

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2. National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF) shows interest to redevelop CST railway station

National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF) has shown interest to redevelop and transform Mumbai’s iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station.
The redevelopment cost of the station including the cost of financing and contingency cost is said to be ₹1,642 crores.

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3. Itarsi Allahabad Chheoki and Rewa Chirmiri passenger trains converted into express

Itarsi-Allahabad-Chheoki and Rewa-Chirmiri passenger trains running through the Jabalpur division have been converted into express trains. Now both these trains will run with new numbers.

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3 KW solar power generation System installed at MEMU shed Asansol

A unit of 3 KW solar power generation system was inaugurated on 24th August 2020 at newly constructed green building MEMU Shed/Asansol. The main objective of this solar power generation is to meet the electricity supply of this MEMU building shed.

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For more railway updates, stay tuned with us! Have a safe journey!