Diwali Celebrations in South East Asia

Tired of doing the same thing every Diwali? Why not spend this Diwali by visiting some really cool places. Well, we bring you 7 Southeast Asian countries to visit during Diwali weekend.


Vietnam is a place where one can find UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Ha Long Bay, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, My Son Hindu Sanctuary, The Complex of Hue Monuments and Phong Nha-Ke Bang. Each place has its own aura and is a perfect way to spend Diwali.

Places in Vietnam where you can find Diwali celebration:
Hanoi, capital of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City and southern Vietnam light up for Diwali.



Known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, Cambodia is a place one should visit during the long vacation. From temples to beautiful landscapes, one can find several reasons to visit Cambodia. The place is also known for its adventure activities like snorkeling, swimming and bird-watching safaris.

Places in Cambodia where you can find Diwali celebration:
Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia will make your Diwali grand.



How about going on a road trip this Diwali? We give you India-Myanmar-Thailand on road. Yes you heard that right! The road trip has finally been put to service and is a perfect way to spend this festive season. Hit the road with friends and family as you start with southern Asia and slowly make your way into Myanmar, Laos and finally Thailand. A road trip can never be the same after this!

Places in Myanmar where you can find Diwali celebration:
Mandalay, a city in northern Myanmar will not let you miss home this Diwali.



Known for being a tourist magnet, Thailand is a place where one can visit any time of the year. Thailand is also home to some world’s largest places like Gold Buddha Statue, and Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, which houses the world’s largest crocodile in captivity. Don’t forget to shop at the world’s largest weekend market as Diwali celebrations are incomplete without shopping!

Places in Thailand where you can find Diwali celebration:
The celebration of Diwali here is very similar to that in Thailand and is celebrated under the name Lam Kriyongh.



Malaysia should be on your list this festive season. There are several reasons to visit Malaysia including scenic islands and beaches, and adventure activities.. And as we said, Diwali is incomplete without shopping so splurge in Malaysia as it is a shopper’s paradise!

Places in Malaysia where you can find Diwali celebration:
Known as Hari Diwali among Malaysian people, don’t miss Diwali in Malaysia.



Another destination that you can visit this Diwali is Indonesia. The place has some amazing history and culture, and is also famous for its adventure activities. Don’t forget to hike and watch the sun rise over the volcanic mountains. And if you are a beach lover, then do visit the popular beaches in Bali.

Places in Indonesia where you can find Diwali celebration:
When you visit Indonesia, do visit Bali if you do not wish to miss Diwali this year.


The Philippines

The best time to visit The Philippines is November. And what better way to spend a vacation in a place where rum is cheaper than juice; where one can rejuvenate with a good body massage; and where there is no language barrier. Also, Indian passport holders get a visa free entry into The Philippines.

Places in The Philippines where you can find Diwali celebration: The Indian Embassy celebrates Diwali in The Philippines like you have never seen before.


So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and choose from this list of 7 Southeast Asian countries to visit during Diwali weekend. Ixigo wishes you a safe Diwali and happy vacations!

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