Famous Theme Parks In India: Take A Break!

A day at any theme park spells unlimited fun, zero stress, and most importantly a day full of memorable memories. Then why not plan some time at these famous theme parks in India for a lovely time with your kids!

Adlabs Imagica, Pune

Looking for a place where fairytales come true? Adlabs Imagica is the perfect place for you to visit! It is a theme park on Khopoli – Pali road in Raigad District. The theme-park can host 20,000 visitors at a time; now that is some number! With its crazy rides and unbelievable technology, Imagica is sure to appeal to all age-groups.


Fun n Food, Delhi

A perfect getaway for those who love to have a dash of adventure, Fun n Food, Delhi promises never ending fun and laughter. Drift down their 400 metre long ‘Lazy Channel Pool’ at leisure. If you’re looking for some more action, try their 21 adventure rides, ranging from roller-coasters to Ferris wheels, bumper cars to banana boats. Children will have a fabulous time on the colorful water slides that branch throughout the theme park.
To add that X factor to your fun day, walk through lanes of shops selling fabulous handicrafts and traditional clothes. Shopping is definitely therapeutic for most women! An amusement park that offers you skiing, shopping, thrilling adventures, and a gorgeous river, all in one place! Interesting, isn’t it?

Vismaya Water Theme Park, Kerala

The meaning of the Sanskrit word, ‘Vismaya’, is wonder or astonishment. You’ll definitely be amazed at the kind of rides Vismaya Water Theme Park has to offer. Be sure to watch the brilliant laser show that is put up here every evening. The giant wheel and the twister are sure to get your head spinning for good! A truly wild experience for any age-group, Vismaya is definitely worth a visit! You can check out Kerala tour packages for a number of choices.


Snow World, Hyderabad

For those of you who just want to ‘chill’, Snow World (Hyderabad) is the ideal place! With two hundred tonnes of artificial snow layered on an area of 2 acres, what else would you want, right? Each visitor here is acclimatized to the temperature in stages. First, you’re given a warm coat and snow boots. Then you walk into increasingly colder areas. By the time you’re in the zero degree centigrade zone, you have a warm cup of soup in your hand too!

Snow world, like all the other super cool theme parks in India is full of attractions ranging from a natural snow cape, alpine forests and igloos, to ice sculptures of penguins and polar bears. Needless to say, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Hyderabad. No trip to Snow World is complete without experiencing the snowfall that happens for ten minutes every hour. For those ten minutes, Snow World could be described as Switzerland at its best!

Essel World, Maharashtra

One of the oldest theme parks in India, Essel World has been entertaining crowds since 1986. The day starts off as you board a ferry from Marve Beach or Gorai Creek. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the island on which the park is located. A unique mixture of dizzy heights, crazy movements, and scary speed is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush like never before. Children are sure to have a blast too! As they board toy trains, merry-go-rounds, little boats, and miniature go-karts, they’re going to be absolutely delighted with these adventures!

Wonderla, Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore is our definition of a complete amusement park. Unleash the child within you and be sure to have a crazy wild day! With an array of rides and thrills, a day at Wonderla will keep you happily busy!


It has a large number of rides for toddlers. These are safer, miniature versions of every high-thrill ride you can think of. So while the child is having their fun time, parents can breathe a sigh of relief and relax. However, don’t get us wrong! Another part of Wonderla will surely have you shrieking your lungs out. Slide down a massive water slide, get spun around 360 degrees at 70km/hr, hang upside down, free-fall from a height of 17 meters, and get thrown and twisted in every way possible.


It’s a hard life-going to school each day, sitting in an office for twelve hours or dealing with your children’s tantrums! We’re sure you’d all love to have one day of utter craziness, where you can yell as loud as you want, defy the rules of gravity or just soak in the sun. You deserve this break, and quite often!

Photo credits: Official websites and Wikipedia user Bssasidhar (Snow World)