Take to the Roads! Movies that will inspire you to travel the World

Every so often, we find ourselves inspired to travel to the faraway lands in the movies that capture our fantasies. These lovely locations of the world has us immediately googling on its whereabouts and planning a full-fledged trip before the movie even ends.


These films give us more than just a good story; they take us with them on a joyful journey to exotic, extraordinary places around the world. They inspire us to pack our bags and set out for an amazing adventure, sometimes to connect with ourselves in solitude and sometimes to escape with our dearest friends.

Midnight in Paris

What’s better than exploring Paris? Exploring Paris by the night! This one is not just for the literature lovers, it is just as much for globetrotters, and the romantic in each of us.


Into the Wild

This one takes you to the wonderful wilderness of Alaska, a country of majestic mountains and charming coastlines. A movie about the simple joys of life has plenty travel inspirations to offer.

The Bucket List

Everywhere is on this bucket list (literally!), which only adds more fuel to your wanderlust. Travel to China, India, Egypt, Tanzania, France, the USA through this film and note down some travel ideas.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscany – the name itself inspires romance and happy, sunshine days. Take a journey into rural Italy and bask in the joys of a simple life consisting of vineyards and villages.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

No movie has scripted or shown the spellbinding beauty of Spain better than this one. You just can’t resist making road trip plans with your best buddies after watching the film.


If you enjoy hiking in the hills, this movie is sure to inspire you to follow the Pacific Crest Trail in the US. A journey of a 1000 miles, this film urges you to explore not just the breathtaking sceneries, but also explore yourself.

Mamma Mia!

Greece is gorgeous, we knew that, but this film lets you feast on the country’s most enchanting islands, especially Skopelos, where there is no end to the sky or the sea. And imagine, owning a high-rise villa there!


The Holiday

Britain is so much more than London, and if you ask us, so much better too! Watch this film and be inspired to plan your own little ‘holiday’ in the quaint village of Shere in Surrey.

Eat, Pray, Love

So, this movie tells you right in its title about the things you can do in Italy, India, and Indonesia. If you are seeking solitude, or even spirituality, set out on a trip to these places and enjoy some time with yourself.

Out of Africa

As they say, an oldie but a goldie, and this film surely fits that bill. A heart-warming movie that traverses through the trails and tracks of little-explored continent of Africa will inspire you to make some plans.


What movies have inspired you to travel? What unexplored destinations have you discovered through films? Let us know!