A Country Without Birthdays…

If you ever travel to Bhutan, ask the Bhutanese about their birthdays. And trust me, you will not get an answer! That’s because birthdays aren’t celebrated in the world’s happiest country.

Strange, isn’t it? Well there is a reason behind it, read on…

The country believes that ‘’leading a happy life is much more important than how many years you’ve been alive on this planet.”

Wao! If this didn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will. 🙂

So, all the citizens of Bhutan turn 1 year older on 1st January every year, thus celebrating their birthdays on New Year’s Day!

This system, however, is more common in the older generation as the youngsters residing in the cities are aware of their birthdays.

Bhutan-you are truly wonderful! Till we meet again, happy travels!