Your Personal Guide For Travelling Alone

Solo travel is an enthralling experience. It not only helps you discover yourself but also makes you self-reliant. Also, travelling solo comes with many great perks like meeting new people, absolute freedom to travel as you want, and not being bound by someone else’s interests. Sure, it can be intimidating the first time. Nobody is perfect from the beginning. But once you get out of your comfort zone, it becomes easier with each solo trip you take. All you have to do is to follow these few simple tips on travelling alone next time you fly solo.


Plan in Advance

Since it is going to be your first time, it is only wise that you make arrangements for your travel and accommodation in advance. Travelling on a whim may ruin your experience forever if no impromptu arrangements are available. But once you get a hang of travelling solo, you can be as spontaneous as you want.


Pack Light

Lesser the luggage, more the fun you have. Travelling with too much luggage makes it cumbersome to handle it and roam around. Hence, it is advised to have not more than a backpack or a trolley when you are travelling by yourself. Keep your cash, credit cards, and IDs safely with you in a fanny pack.


Do Your Research

Do your homework well before visiting a place. Being clueless about the place you are visiting can make you miss out on a lot of things. Make a list of things that you can do or see. Save maps and directions on your phone so that you do not have to rely on people to get from one place to another. This is a useful tip for travelling alone for the first time.


“Must-have” Documents

You must carry your IDs with you at all times in a foreign land. Also, keep a digital copy of all your IDs and other documents so that you can access them from wherever you want. Whether it is your tickets, travel insurance, or ID proof, you must have a copy of each of these on your phone.


Avoid Travelling After Dark

If you are a woman travelling solo, then you must at all cost avoid travelling by night for the sake of your safety. Try arriving during the day. Even if you are out in the evening, prefer open and public spaces to remote or secluded areas. Use female only cabs at night and public transport in the day.


Keep in Touch With Your Family

Keep them updated with your whereabouts. Don’t forget to message, call, or mail your near and dear ones periodically while you are exploring your desired stopover. Do not share private information like your accommodation with strangers. You might end up having a stalker in a foreign land.


Act Like a Local

Dress like a local. Don’t wear something flashy. Speak like a local. Know the language? Very well. But if you don’t, at least learn some jargons and phrases to ask for help in their language. Strike a conversation. Blend in their culture if you want to have a personal experience. After all, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.


Beware of surroundings


Learn about some landmarks around the place where you are staying so that even if you are lost, you can find your way back. Do not walk around with earphones plugged. It will help you stay alert. If you feel someone is following you, fake a call to someone about meeting them there. This will give a clear message to the suspected person.

Travelling solo is fun. Be it circumstantial or by wish, you will have to travel solo one day. Make sure you are prepared. For when the day comes, these tips on travelling alone will come handy. The world awaits you, my friend. Move out of your shell and see how wonderful the world really is.