Madhya Pradesh woos with abundant beauty

A state with myriad tourism options, Madhya Pradesh welcomes all with wildlife, heritage, natural beauties and much more. As their tourism campaigns point out, the state has enough to spoil tourists with different choices. The state recently announced Madhya Pradesh Tourism Year, Simhastha 2016 in a grand function organised in New Delhi. Showcasing destinations, handicrafts, tribal dance forms, cuisine and much more, the evening was well attended by the who’s who of Delhi.

Mr Ashwani Lohani, tourism commissioner, MP, reiterates “The unparalleled variety and richness of tourist destinations sprinkled around the state make it a veritable tourist paradise.” Madhya Pradesh is a state of all seasons. While the summer is the best time to catch a glimpse of the wild at Bandhavgarh, Pench and Kanha; you can catch the romance of Mandu and Khajuraho in the monsoon. And as the sun gets welcoming in the winter months, one can take a trip to Orcha, Sanchi, Ujjain, Shivpuri or Omkareshwar, some of the famous places of Madhya Pradesh. Cities like Jabalpur and Bhopal have their own attractions in the Marble Rocks and Bhoojtal lake respectively.

Photo by Anders Bjurnemark

What has given tourism a major boost in the past few years are several factors like improved infrastructure and increased connectivity. Today all tourism hotspots across the state are well connected by road and many by air too. Special attractions like Cruise and Caravan Tourism are a big draw for those looking for some offbeat travel experiences. So whatever time of the year you are travelling or whatever your interests are, Madhya Pradesh will always have something special to offer always.

By Florina Soren

About the author: For Florina, travelling is an unending journey…..