Major Achievements of Indian Railways in 2018

This past year has emerged as a year of many firsts for the Indian Railways. Some of the most important achievements of this national railway system include:
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1) Railways has managed to achieve the lowest accident figures in the last three decades.

2) Considered to be the country’s fastest train, Train 18 (T-18), manufactured in India at a cost of around Rs 97 crore, touched a maximum speed of 180 kmph.

3) Railways is going to come up with a 40-km track between Jaipur and Phulera to conduct trials of its semi-high speed and high speed trains, making India one of the few countries in the world to have dedicated tracks for trial runs.

4) The railways converted a diesel locomotive into an electric one, a feat delivered for the first time in the world.

5) Asia’s second longest bridge, named Bogibeel, was inaugurated in Assam on Christmas Day, almost 16 years after it was authorized.

6) The railways conducted one of the largest recruitment drives to fill over 1.3 lakh positions.