Mcleodganj – Top 15 Places To Eat!

Also famed as Mini Tibet, Mcleodganj has a lot on offer. No, I’m not talking about the very famous Tsuglagkhang Temple or the fascinating Norbulingka Institute and Monastery. Not even about the best things to do at Mcleodganj!


This time, we have one of the most comprehensive food guides for this hamlet of a place. Right from authentic tasting Japanese food to the most gorgeous waffles you would ever have tasted. Check out the 15 best places to eat at Mcleodganj.


1) Waffles at Jimmy’s Italian, Main Square


Waffles (by Shikha Gautam)


2) Orange cakes, chocolate cakes, rum cakes and more cakes at Chocolate Log!

Cakes (by Shikha Gautam)


3) Fried Momos at Tsewang Dolma’s, right outside the Tibet Kitchen 🙂

Momos (by Shikha Gautam)


4) Falafel, Salads, Hummus & More of Middle Eastern Dash at the German Bakery, Bhagsu


Hummus and Pita (by Jasonlam)

5) Himachali Thali at the Moonpeak Cafe, Temple Road


Himachali Thali (from the official Facebook page)

6) Donuts of every shape and size imaginable at Tibet Quality Bakery, Jogiwara Road


Donuts (by Westposrt Wiki)

7) Wines from Cheryl’s vineyards, all sold at the dessert haven that you know as Chocolate Log!


Wine (by quacktaculous)

8) Bhutanese and Tibetan Dishes at Tibet Kitchen, Mcleodganj Main Square

Tibetan food (by Shikha Gautam)


9) Cheese Pastas and thin-crust pizzas at Out of the Blue, Dharamkot


Pizza (by cyclonebill)

10) Scrambled Tofu & more at the Tibetan Mandala Cafe, Temple Road


Scrambled Tofu (by jeffgunn)

11) Authentic Korean food at the Korean Cafe, Jogiwara Road

Korean Salad (by abex)

12) Creamy Potato Croquets at Lung Ta Japanese Restaurant, Jogiwara Road

Potato Croquets (by deramaenrama)

13) Quiche, Cakes and more at Nick’s Italian Kitchen, Bhagsu Road

Quiche (by Alexa)

14) The oh-so-delicious Chocolate Mousse at Kunga’s

Mousse (by Crystl)


 15) Carmelized fruit pie with cinnamon, nutmeg, red grapes, bananas & apricots at Cafe Illierati, Jogiwara Road

Pie (from the Official Website)


Other than these top 15 places to eat at Mcleodganj, there are many more on the list, including the Peace Cafe for a cup of Butter Tea and Tibetan food, Carpe Diem for a huge variety of pizzas, Cafe Black Tent for their monstrously sized burgers and Lotus Leaf Restaurant for a good cup of coffee as well as such amazing views. 

Would love to add more to this list. So, if you know of some place that deserves a mention here, leave a comment below.


Till then, happy travelling.


About the author

Shikha Gautamshe loves to play with steering wheels, roads, words, flute and guitar among other things. Not necessarily in that order! You can contact her on twitter @ShikhaGautam