How To Beat The Traffic On Delhi Roads

Tired of the “not moving an inch” traffic on the roads? We too are! And especially nowadays when the odd-even thing is out of picture, Delhi-NCR has gone crazy and all you can see is a long queue of cars stuck in a traffic jam. Sweat not, take it easy as we bring to you few tips on how to beat the traffic on Delhi roads. In fact you can even go for ixigo cabs for a hassle free ride to your destination.

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1. Traffic updates are a must

Tune into any radio station to check for traffic alerts while you are on your way so you can take the route that’s less affected with traffic.



2. Two-wheelers can be such a saviour

Not many of you would actually prefer a bicycle, scooter or a motorbike over cars, but trust us it’s easy to make your way through the jam-packed road, especially when you are travelling alone.



3. Change your timings

Only if possible, change your schedule a bit to avoid heavy rush hours. You can either start early or an hour late after the rush hours. This would definitely make a huge difference!



4. How about alternative routes?

Suddenly stuck in a jam and getting late for work? It’s always good to do well research on alternative routes so you can switch to the same in case of any crisis, for instance, a road accident takes place. 🙂



5. A navigation app is all you need

No matter wherever you are, use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to analyse traffic intensity and look for routes that are more clean and help you reach your destination faster.



6. No harm in using public transportation

Taking public transportation will not only help you save both money and time but also escape the daily tension of driving your vehicle during the rush hours. In fact carry your ipod or a book to keep yourself busy while taking an auto or bus.


7. Work from home (WFH)

That’s the best out of the lot! Isn’t it? If your company permits, drop an email to your boss and request for WFH. Wear your comfy pair of pajamas and get started with your official work. 😀


Now that you know of these tips on how to beat the traffic on Delhi roads, enjoy your ride everyday.

We wish you a happy commute, always! 🙂