The Gems of Kutch – A Photo Essay

the White Rann – 7000 km of salt marsh!

Photo Courtesy – Wikimedia Commons


    • While there are a number of luxury tents at White Rann, you can best stay at the Devpur Homestay or one of the hotels in Bhuj. Saves stay budget by more than 50%!


    • Indian nationals need to carry a photo ID for verification at the check post to enter Rann. Foreign nationals need to carry a photostat copy of their passport to get the permit. 


    • Plan your trip around a full moon night to experience the White Rann in one of its most surreal forms!


Nirona Village – for the souvenir hunters!

Photo Courtesy – Shikha Gautam

    • A typical Kutchi village, full of winding lanes and mud houses, it’s also home to some of the best artisans of Gujarati art.


    • Most promising work of lacquer art, handmade copper bells and cloth printing. Some of the artists also give classes if you wish to enroll for a workshop for any of the arts.


Vijay Vilas Palace – a glimpse of royalty

Photo Courtesy – Shikha Gautam

    • With much of the interiors unchanged, as they were when the place was inhabited, you will get a glimpse of how the royals of Kutch lived.


    • Rare paintings and photographs are another high point of Vijay Vilas Palace.


    • Apart from the architectural value, the region around Vijay Vilas Palace is a reserved forest area and is home to neelgais. 


Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary 

Photo Courtesy – Wikimedia Commons

    • A treat for wildlife lovers and bird watchers, Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is the only home to the Wild Ass, apart from the Tibet Plateau.


    • Considering the inaccessibility of the Tibetan Plateau, this sanctuary becomes the only place in the world to observe the species! Contact any of the resorts at the Little Rann to organise a safari to the sanctuary.


    • Devjibhai’s Koobas (mud huts) are one of the best stay options at the Little Rann. They readily arrange safaris to the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary for anyone staying with them.


the Little Rann – ornithologists’ alert!

Photo Courtesy – Valdiney Pimenta

    • the months of February and March see the Little Rann abuzz with a whole lot of migratory birds, including Lark, Cream Courser, Indian Courser, McQueen’s Bustard and, yes, Flamingo.


Mandvi Shipbuilding Yards 1902903_10203333755169820_1774174589_n

    •  A dream come true for everyone who fantasized pirates, Mandvi Shipbuilding yards are probably the only place in Gujarat where you can see ships sans any glory.


    • Mandvi is also home to Ship Museum, which is a workshop cum museum and a storehouse of miniature ships. All built to scale and up for grabs!


Mandavi Beach

Photo Courtesy – Wikimedia Commons

    • Rather than the city beach, head out for Vijay Vilas Palace‘s private beach that is more solitary and litter free. 


    • If that fact isn’t cool enough for you to visit Mandavi, it is also one of the few ghost towns in India. Not literally though. 


Dholavira – The Indus Valley Time Warp

Photo Courtesy – Wikimedia Commons

    •  Dholavira is as close as you can get to the Indus Valley Civilisation! 


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