More Special Trains Announced to Deal with the Summer Rush

In an effort to deal with the upcoming summer rush, Indian Railways has announced a total of 198 special trains.

Planned for the months of April, May and June; Western Railways has prepared a total of 7 trains which will make as many as 198 rounds to deal with the rush.

Four trains from Mumbai, one from Ahmedabad and one between Hyderabad and Jaipur will run during the summer vacations.

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One special superfast train (09005/09006) will start from Mumbai Central to New Delhi, running twice a week, making as many as 48 rounds. It has been scheduled to run from April 12 to June 30. The train will depart from Mumbai Central on Friday and Sunday at 4pm and will arrive at New Delhi station, the next day at 7.55 am.

Train (09433/09434) for Gandhidham gram will depart from Bandra Terminus once a week, making as many as 24 rounds. Similarly, another weekly train (09423/09424), making 24 rounds, will also be launched between Bandra Terminus and Indore.

Another IRCTC special train (09009/ 09010) will run once a week from Bandra Terminus to Mangalore, making 16 rounds.