No More Hassle Of Filling Up Customs Form Starting 1 April

Happiness is escaping from the formality of filling up a customs declaration form. If you agree with us, here’s what you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Starting 1 April, passengers flying to India without dutiable goods will be eligible for ‘NOT’ filling up the ‘Indian Customs Declaration Form’. Earlier, it was mandatory for all passengers to fill up the form, irrespective of them carrying dutiable goods or not.

The initiative is a part of the simplified procedure proposed (Budget 2016-17) by the Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley.

As told by the Commissioner of Customer at IGI Airport, Sanjay Mangal, arrangements have been made to make sure all rules are followed sincerely. Also, all airlines have been notified to provide the customs form to passengers (with dutiable goods) in the flight itself so they don’t have to stand in queue after deboarding the flight.

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Presently, the customs form has fields for declaration of gold jewellery, dutiable goods, Indian currency notes (exceeding Rs. 25,000), foreign currency notes (exceeding USD 5,000) and satellite phones. The passengers are also required to mention about flowers, seeds, fruits, plants, dairy and poultry products, meat and other materials in the form.

The customs form has been revised and includes drones in the list of dutiable and prohibited goods. It is imperative for passengers to declare it tomorrow onwards.

As per the rules, those travelling from land borders won’t get get any amount of free allowance; the increase in allowance will be applicable for journey by air. Moreover, the duty free allowance for passengers travelling from Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan has been increased to Rs. 15,000, which is more than two times the limit at present (6,000).

It’s important to know that the foreigner’s duty free allowance will be Rs. 15,000 starting tomorrow. However, the duty free allowance of 50 cigars, 125 cigarettes, two litres of liquor and 125 gm tobacco will remain the same.

The limit to bring duty-free goods for travellers coming China has been taken away. Passengers (Indian origin) coming from foreign countries excluding Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan can bring dutiable goods worth Rs. 50,000 tomorrow onwards.

The government has also put a cap on gold jewellery brought by passengers of Indian origin, who have been residing abroad for more than a year. According to the new rules, a woman is eligible for carrying 40 gm of gold jewellery (cap of Rs. one lakh) and man for 20 gm of gold jewellery (cap of Rs. 50,000)