Number of RAC Berths to Increase in all Classes

Planning a long distance travel but stuck with an RAC ticket? Worry not as the Indian Railways has decided to reduce the number of sleeper berths across all classes to accommodate the maximum RAC ticket holders. The plan mainly focuses on accommodating more passengers on the waiting list. It is believed that the new law will come into force from 16th January, 2017.

In the current situation, 10 RAC ticket holders can be accommodated in the Sleeper Class, which will change to 14 after the implementation of the new plan. Other than 5 side lower sleeper berths, two additional side lower berths will be reserved for RAC ticket holders.

Similarly, the number of reserved seats in AC 3-tier will increase from 2 to 4 to accommodate a total of 8 passengers. The RAC seats in AC 2-tier will rise from 2 to 3. This revised allocation will help waitlisted passengers get RAC seats.

However, this will reduce the chances of senior citizens and pregnant women getting side lower berths, which they usually prefer.