New Domestic Flight Routes


New Routes Booking Start DateTravel Start Date
Delhi-Trivandrum 27th Apr’23 27th Apr’23
Trivandrum-Delhi 27th Apr’23 27th Apr’23
Mumbai-Trivandrum 27th Apr’23 1st Jun’23
Trivandrum-Mumbai 27th Apr’23 1st Jun’23


New Routes Booking Start DateTravel Start Date
Agartala-New Delhi 22nd Mar'23 2nd Apr'23
New Delhi-Agartala 22nd Mar'23 5th Apr'23
Agartala-Bengaluru 22nd Mar'23 2nd Apr'23
Agartala-Guwahati 22nd Mar'23 2nd Apr'23
Guwahati-Agartala 22nd Mar'23 29th Mar'23
Lucknow-Pune 27th Apr’23 12th May’23
Pune-Lucknow 27th Apr’23 12th May’23

Alliance Air

New Routes Booking Start DateTravel Start Date
Dimapur-Silchar 22nd Mar'23 27th Mar'23
Silchar-Dimapur 22nd Mar'23 27th Mar'23
Aizawl-Silchar 22nd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Guwahati-Dibrugarh 22nd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Dibrugarh-Guwahati 22nd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Jabalpur-Hyderabad 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Hyderabad-Jabalpur 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Amritsar-New Delhi 23rd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
New Delhi-Amritsar 23rd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Gorakhpur-Kolkata 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Kolkata-Gorakhpur 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Guwahati-Dibrugarh 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Dibrugarh-Guwahati 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
New Delhi-Indore 23rd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Indore-New Delhi 23rd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Dehradun-Jammu 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Jammu-Dehradun 23rd Mar'23 28th Mar'23
Prayagraj-Dehradun 23rd Mar'23 27th Mar'23
Dehradun-Prayagraj 23rd Mar'23 27th Mar'23
Indore-Goa 23rd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Goa-Indore 23rd Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Kolkata-Dimapur 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Dimapur-Kolkata 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Kolkata-Imphal 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Imphal-Kolkata 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Kolkata-Silchar 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Silchar-Kolkata 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
North Lakhimpur-Shillong 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Shillong- North Lakhimpur 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Shillong-Tezpur 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Tezpur-Shillong 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
North Lakhimpur-Tezpur 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Tezpur- North Lakhimpur 25th Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Imphal-Guwahati 8th May’23 9th May’23
Guwahati-Imphal 8th May’23 9th May’23
Aizawl-Imphal 8th May’23 9th May’23
Imphal-Aizawl 8th May’23 9th May’23

Akasa Air

New Routes Booking Start DateTravel Start Date
Lucknow-Mopa 1st Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Mopa-Lucknow 1st Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Delhi-Mopa 1st Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Mopa-Delhi 1st Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Ahmedabad-Lucknow 1st Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Lucknow-Ahmedabad 1st Mar'23 26th Mar'23
Guwahati-Chennai 27th Mar'23 28th Apr'23
Chennai-Guwahati 27th Mar'23 28th Apr'23
Guwahati-Agartala 27th Mar'23 28th Apr'23
Bengaluru-Guwahati 27th Mar'23 28th Apr'23
Agartala-Chennai 27th Mar'23 28th Apr'23
Ahmedabad-Kochi 3rd Apr'23 15th Jun'23
Kochi-Ahmedabad 3rd Apr'23 15th Jun'23
Kochi-Hyderabad 3rd Apr'23 15th Jun'23
Hyderabad-Kochi 3rd Apr'23 15th Jun'23
Mumbai-Kochi 3rd Apr'23 15th Jun'23
Kochi-Mumbai 3rd Apr'23 15th Jun'23
Vishakhapatnam-mumbai 3rd Apr'23 15th Apr'23
Mumbai-Vishakhapatnam 3rd Apr'23 15th Apr'23
Varanasi-Mumbai 3rd Apr'23 15th Apr'23
Mumbai-Varanasi 3rd Apr'23 15th Apr'23
Kochi-Ahmedabad 24th May'23 15th Jun'23
Ahmedabad-Kochi 24th May'23 15th Jun'23


New Routes Booking Start DateTravel Start Date
Delhi-Shillong 17th Feb'23 24th Mar'23
Shillong-Delhi 17th Feb'23 24th Mar'23
Mumbai-Gwalior 22nd Mar'23 2nd Apr'23
Gwalior-Mumbai 22nd Mar'23 2nd Apr'23
New Delhi-Kandla 22nd Mar'23 9th Apr'23
Kandla-New Delhi 22nd Mar'23 9th Apr'23
New Delhi-Pakyong 22nd Mar'23 4th Apr'23
Pakyong-New Delhi 22nd Mar'23 4th Apr'23
Gwalior-Kolkata 24th May'23 25th Jun'23
Kolkata-Gwalior 24th May'23 25th Jun'23
Jammu-Gwalior 24th May'23 25th Jun'23
Gwalior-Jammu 24th May'23 25th Jun'23
Tezpur-Kolkata 24th May'23 25th Jun'23
Kolkata-Tezpur 24th May'23 25th Jun'23


New Routes Booking Start DateTravel Start Date
Nagpur-Nashik 3rd Feb’23 15th Mar'23
Nashik-Nagpur 3rd Feb’23 15th Mar’23
Nashik-Goa 3rd Feb’23 15th Mar’23
Goa-Nashik 3rd Feb’23 15th Mar’23
Nashik-Ahmedabad 3rd Feb’23 15th Mar’23
Ahmedabad-Nashik 3rd Feb’23 15th Mar’23
New Delhi-Dharamshala 3rd Feb’23 26th Mar’23
Dharamshala-New Delhi 3rd Feb’23 26th Mar’23
Hyderabad-Nashik 11th May’23 1st Jun’23
Nashik-Hyderabad 11th May’23 1st Jun’23
Indore-Nashik 11th May’23 1st Jun’23
Nashik-Indore 11th May’23 1st Jun’23

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