Paris Attacks: The World Responds In Solidarity

On 13 November 2015, the world around us changed once again. A series of blasts left the city of Paris in shambles with more than 120 people dead and hundreds of others severely injured. With the city reeling from the attack, people took to social media to show their support and solidarity with the people of France. Despite the fear, loss and hurt, people have responded with courage, love and bravery.  From mourning the loss of those who lost their lives in the attack to coming forward with open arms and open doors, people all over the world have shown that they stand one against terrorism.


Yuri Kirnichny / AFP - Getty Images

A makeshift memorial where people poured in their support.



Even in chaos, there was hope.


  • Parisians opened their doors to people looking for a safe place to stay. Taking to twitter with the hashtag #PorteOuverte which means ‘open door’, the people of Paris offered refuge to those left behind in the pandemonium.


  • Taxi drivers shut down their meters and gave free rides to transport people to safer locations.



  • A twitter user reminded people that any Sikh Gurudwara will be happy to accommodate people stranded in the wake of the blasts. His tweet received massive support and was retweeted more than 10000 times in a very short time.


  • People lined up to donate blood near the Carillon bar. Keeping in mind that hospitals are already crowded with patients, people were requested to space out their donations by avoiding donating at the hospital.

Antoine Antoniol/Getty Images


  • The French soccer fans refused to bow down to terrorism and united in singing the French National Anthem while being evacuated from the Stade de France.
  • While the Eiffel Tower was shut down in mourning, the major landmarks around the world lit up in the French tri-colours of blue, white and red to show their solidarity with France.

In the face of mass tragedy, the world summons their spirit of community. We realise that the ties of humanity are more important than the differences in caste, colour or creed. It is only in times of adversity we are reminded that the world is one.


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