Quarantine Cooking: 5 Delicious Recipes for Beginners

My favourite travel destination this summer: kitchengarh 😀

Well in this uncertain and scary time, the only thing that is making all of us happy is gorging on some delicious “FOOD.” So, for an amazing start to the day, here are 5 easy lockdown recipes only for you.

हिंदी में पढ़ें

Ready to cook, don the apron and let’s go… 

1. Oh so buttery scrambled eggs

Wondering what’s so special about scrambled eggs? Well, have you ever cooked them over a low flame with some extra butter until it becomes really soft and custardy? Well, you should! 😉 #superyummy

2. Delicious yet healthy rava upma

Attention health freak! This popular breakfast staple from South India is extremely easy to make and is perfect for a wholesome morning meal. Simply throw in some veggies like carrots, peas and beans to make it more nutritious.

3. Indian style vanilla milkshake

Do you have kids at home? Surprise them with this super easy yet mouth-watering shake. Made with 4 ingredients, vanilla essence, vanilla ice cream, sugar and cold milk. Blend it and serve. Also, don’t forget to tell us about the compliments you receive, ok? 😛

4. Time for some creamy mustard mushrooms on toast

Any mushroom lover out here? Well, heat some oil in a non-stick pan and cook the lovely mushrooms, stirring frequently, until softened. Now pour 2 tbsp milk, cheese (as much as you want, hehe) and mustard. Stir well until coated. Finally, tip onto the toast and eat! Uff, super yummy, no?

5. Turmeric smoothie bowl for some hatke breakfast

For this, you need to peel the turmeric root and grate. Put all ingredients like coconut milk yoghurt, oats, cashews, bananas and some ground cinnamon in a blender with 600ml water and blend until smooth. Now serve in a bowl topped with chia seeds or chopped nuts sprinkled over. Wao! 

So what are you waiting for? Keep those excuses aside and try these yummilicious recipes at home.