Railways To Introduce Customer Loyalty Programme

Three Cheers for the Indian Railways!

If you are wondering why we have become cheerleaders for our very own railways, here’s a piece of news for you.

After having introduced so many services for passengers to improve their travel experience, Indian Railways is planning to introduce customer loyalty programme. This would be beneficial for frequent train travellers.

As we already know that the rail carrier has suffered a lot considering the stagnant freight and passengers fares, hence this initiative will help focus more on better customer care experience.  

According to Minister of State of Railways Manoj Sinha, in the financial year 2015, the passenger segment alone suffered a loss of Rs. 33,490.95 crore.

In order to garner revenue, raising passenger fare has been the only option for the Railways. However, with the customer loyalty programme, things will become much better as incentives would be offered to frequent train travellers. And, this will also encourage travellers to board trains than flights.

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