Religious institutions reopen; Here are the guidelines to be followed

As the country has taken gradual steps to return to normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, the religious places have also now been reopened for the public. The state governments, as well as the temple management, have formulated a new set of rules and guidelines to contain the spread of the virus.

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New rules for temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches and other places of worship —

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For visitors —

1- It is compulsory for visitors to wear face cover/mask.
2- Footwear has to be preferably removed inside one’s own vehicle, if possible.
3- Visitors must wash their hands and feet with water before stepping inside the premises.
4- No visitors shall be allowed to touch any idol, statue or holy book.
5- Choir or singing in groups shall not be allowed inside any religious institution to check the spread of infection. Only pre-recorded devotional songs can be played.
6- Visitors should bring their own prayer mats which they can take back home.
7- Face covers or gloves used by the visitors or staff should be disposed of properly.
8- Symptomatic patients will not be permitted entry.

 For authorities —

1- A hand sanitiser dispenser should be mandatorily placed at the entrance.
2- Healthy and asymptomatic patients will be permitted entry.
3- Shops, stalls or cafés outside or within the premises of the building must follow physical distancing norms.
4- Enough markings to be made within the premises keeping adequate distance to manage the queues.
5- Efficient crowd management in the parking area and outside the premises while following physical distancing rules.
6- Community kitchens or langars should maintain appropriate physical distance while preparing food.
7- The premises including hand wash areas, lavatories etc., are to be cleaned regularly.
8- The staff should make sure that the floors are cleaned several times within the premises.

Here are the new rules implemented by some famous temples —

1– Entry timings for the devotees have been fixed.
2– Capping on the number of people allowed to visit the temple per day.
3– In most of the temples, neither senior citizens above 65 and children below 10 will be permitted within the premises.
4– Devotees coming from containment zones will also not be allowed.
5– Every person entering the temple premises will be screened.

Here are a few tweets showcasing how temple authorities are following the guidelines keeping safety in place–