Indian Railways to Build Rail Flyovers Near 250 Stations

In an effort to aid passenger convenience, Indian Railways has decided to build rail flyovers across 250 busy railway junctions across India.

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This step comes as a response to commuters travelling in premium trains like Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express experiencing unknown delays. However, soon there will be no  such delays as these rail flyovers will help the train reach the platform directly instead of waiting on city outskirts.

Railways has identified the locations for these rail flyovers and the process will start soon.

Several busy railway stations across the country have only two rail tracks. The new rail flyovers will help avoid surface crossing and are expected to help in reducing detentions. These rail flyovers will also remove bottlenecks.

With an aim to make the movement of trains in India faster, Indian Railways is also planning to increase the speed of the trains at crossovers from existing 15 km per hour to 30 km per hour.