Indian Railways Introduces French Security Systems!

A good news for train travellers, especially for those travelling in southern India! The Indian Railways has introduced TPWS (Train Protection and Warning System) on the Basin Bridge-Arakkonam section in southern India. TPWS is the brainchild of Thales, a French service provider. The latest development allows Thales to bring the advanced signalling system in India as it has already been implemented in Europe.

What’s more

The southern Railway awarded the contract to Thales in September 2014 and as a part of the agreement, the company was to supply ETCS Level 1 solution (European Train Control System) and was also responsible for designing, supplying, installing and commissioning of the track side equipment.

The Director in Charge of Ground Transportation for Thales in India, Raviprakash Karcherla said: “As passenger safety and train security are of utmost importance, we are proud to have brought the advanced and capable train protection system to India’s railway networks through this project!”.

He further added: “This project is intended at optimising train security and passenger safety while enabling trains to run faster, leading to shorter travel times and increased line capacity through the Automatic Train Protection (ATP) capability.”