Indian Railways Takes New Initiative for Passenger Safety! Know the details

To avoid rapidly increasing crimes such as eve-teasing, molestation, child trafficking, chain snatching, etc. in trains and railway premises, the railway has taken a number of initiatives. Body-worn cameras will now be used by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) to prevent crimes.

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Body Worn Camera System: Salient features

1> The Body-Worn Camera System has increased public confidence and it also helps in policing. It is likely to reduce anti-social behaviour.

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2> These cameras are being deployed in areas that are not covered by other forms of CCTVs.

3> The cameras continuously monitor and record any crime that occurs.

4> Any footage from these Body Worn Cameras can be produced as evidence in a court of law.
5> The night vision cameras can capture the criminal activity/offence even if it takes place in a remote area in dark places.