Rule the blue.

If that bead of sweat trickling down the neck is irking you like never before, this is how you can just flick it off. The fathoming rivers and mighty oceans will be your friends, as you seek refuge in the waters. Away from the sun.


Glide across, dive down, ride the waves, or master the rapids. There’s gallons of water and, of course, adrenalin for the lovers of outdoors. Here’s the best of India, especially for the lovers of water.


  • – Skiing – If you thought you will never be able to turn true that childhood fantasy of walking the water, there’s water skiing. Much more than walking, it’s gliding across the cool blue waves. Goa, especially Candolim Beach is deemed to have just the perfect currents for it. And if you wish to rev it up further, go for surfing or windsurfing.


  • – Surfing/Windsurfing – While windsurfing still lets you cling to the board and sail, surfing is for the ultimate adventure seekers. One wave might have you riding over, while a mighty one can take you right under it. Some take it as the ultimate test of – guts. Try these at Dona Paula or maybe, Kanyakumari.


  • – Rafting – Now coming to the voyagers, there’s the real challenge, rafting. More than valour, you’ll be testing yourself against odds. While there’s the famous ‘The Wall’ at Rishikesh, you can choose rapids as challenging as you want to be. Take the test against blue at Zanskar, River Tons in Uttarakhand, Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh, or at Teesta in West Bengal. Level IV is the flavour of rapids at Tuting, while Zanskar rapids can have you on the waters for three exhilarating days!


  • – Scuba Diving/Snorkelling – For the more inquisitive of you, the world that you grew up watching on Discovery Channel and National Geographic is up for exploration. Yes folks, the rolling blues at Port Blair, Goa and Lakshadweep are more than just perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling. And yes, snorkelling at Murudeshwara in Karnataka is a huge favourite too.


  • – Kayaking/Speed Boating/Canoeing – Now, for the ones who are into racing and high speed chases, the waters of India offer kayaking, speed boating and canoeing too. A favourite haunt for the lovers of speed boating, nestled in Udaipur, is Fateh Sagar Lake. This one voyage has the added charm of sightseeing added to it. Moving down south, the glistening waters of Alleppey are more than just perfect for canoeing and kayaking.


So while the sun plays its scorching most, here’s a splashful of activities from the north, east, south and west of India.


All set, now you can flick that sweat bead away.