Soak in the Festive Spirit: 5 Ways to Celebrate Durga Puja This Year!

Bolo Dugga Mai Ki Joy….

And it’s that time of the year again! Durga Puja, a week-long carnival is all about drum beats, conch shells, loudspeakers, lighting, and delicious food!

So, we bring to you 5 interesting ways of celebrating Durga Puja this year. Come, join us 🙂

1) Dress up well and go pandal hopping! 

Pandal hopping should be the main activity in the Durga Puja 2023. Look into the wardrobe, pick your best traditional attire, and click some memorable photos with your loved ones.

2) Pack your bags and TRAVEL

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3) Cook some yumilicious Bengali food

Durga Puja is all about good food, good food, and more good food. From Ilish Macher Jhol, Lau Ghonto, Kosha Mangsho to Patishapta and Sandesh, cook these delicious recipes or order from an authentic Bengali restaurant and you will be sorted for this puja.

4) Perform Pushpanjali at the Pandals 

Pushpanjali offered on all days during the Durga puja is a must ritual for devotees. Indulge in this divine activity at the pandals near you. 

5) Share your love with the needy

DONATE! Millions of people all over the world have been deprived of food due to the pandemic. So enjoy all festivals by spreading kindness, joy, and the happiness of sharing.

Don’t forget to tell us how you are spending the 2023 Durga Puja. Till we meet again, happy travel