Replace Boring In-Flight Entertainment Options! Try These Instead

What do you do when you are utterly bored of lying in bed spiritless, surfing channels on the TV, thinking about how dull life can be? Well, most of us would just cut the rut by attempting to step out and catch up with a friend for a beer or a coffee. Well, these options are unfortunately unavailable when you are at a height of 22,000 feet in the air. Yes, we are talking about a long haul flight!


So, if you are in a situation during your flight when you are bored and there are no movies to entertain you, then try some of the following alternatives. Trust us, they will help!

Chat with your Co-passenger

So there are two things: either your co-passenger is a stranger or you are sitting next to a family member. If you are sitting next to a stranger, it is just perfect; listen to their life stories and interest them in yours (although first make sure that they are as bored as you are). And if it is a family member, then there is no better time for bonding (where can they possibly run from any conversation). CLEVER!

Get the Selfie-Mode on

When boredom reaches the leaning point, run for the reserved resort; selfies and dubsmash videos. Fun, frolic and the perfect way to kill your time, this idea will let you capture some of your aeroplane memories with fun videos and boomerangs. Warning: You might get some really irritated glances from co-passengers. But careless and selfie more!


Journal or Diary Writing

We know you have that one personal diary that never took flight (no pun intended) and this probably is the right time to fill up those lines. As per number of researchers, creativity is at its best when you intensely bored. So, you can completely utilize this time and pen down some interesting thoughts and ideas. If you love to write, then we are sure no long haul flight can bore you.


Game on Champ!

So there are a number of games on your mobile that are highly addictive. If you are also one of those gamers, then utilise this time to cross that level. Get your gamer mood on, put your phone on airplane mode and get tapping.


Sitting Yoga

No, we are not kidding! Yoga is the buzzword today and one should not leave a chance to get healthy. Of course, we do not want you to do those complicated stretches but you can easily do few breathing exercises in that confined space.

So, these are some alternatives to in-flight entertainment we have tried! Let us know your ways of handling boredom on a flight.