Quench Your Wanderlust Even if You Have a 9 to 5 Job!

Do you have a soul of a gypsy but caught in the 9-5 corporate grind? You don’t necessarily have to quit your job or drain your bank account to become a traveller. To incorporate travel in your daily life, you just have to prioritize things, save money and get creative about how and when you can plan a travel.

Here are some tricks to include travel in your mundane corporate life:   

Plan a travel around public holidays

One of my favourite vacation hacks is to request for one or two additional leaves around existing work holidays. This allows me to plan a longer holiday without feeling guilty of taking too many days off.

Tip: Book the tickets in advance as the rates are extremely high during festivals.



Make it a weekend escape

You think a weekend is not sufficient for planning a trip? Well, I think if you plan your trip wisely, you can cover all the gorgeous weekend getaways around your city. Also, if the route leading to the destination is not scenic, you can book a direct flight and save your travel time (not considering the budget here) ;). A complete two days off your daily life is sufficient for you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated for another hectic week at the office.

Tip: Choose the destinations which don’t require much travelling.


Extend your work trips

Does your job profile require going on business trips often? Trust me that is a blessing in disguise!! Extend your work trip by a day or two and explore the vivid cultures, varied cuisine and the prominent attractions of the region. This way you can save on your flight tickets and just have to pay for your hotel room for extra nights. Every destination has a lot to offer, you just need to have an explorer’s eye to find it and switch off your work mode.

Tip: If you get a chance to choose the destination, choose the one in your bucket list.  


Get creative about transportation

For those who only have weekends to travel, it’s very important for them to choose the right mode of transportation. If you waste most of your time journeying, you might miss the real essence of the place you were planning to visit. On the other hand, there may be places with scenic routes. So, you can enjoy the travel time adoring the natural beauty of the place. Research well before planning a trip to any destination.


View every occasion as an opportunity to travel

Have a wedding to attend or a housewarming party at a far off location? Don’t just say no. If you haven’t visited the destination before, it can be a good opportunity for you to explore the place. This way, you can please your loved ones and save on your accommodation expenses, which you can use for your next trip. Also, you can check out the travel hacks for budget travellers and save a lot of bucks.


Request feasibility whenever possible

If your job is flexible, it becomes easier for you to achieve work-life balance. Flexible work timings, permission to work from remote locations and easy leave policies are the blessings for the employees with the wanderlust. A workspace with hills in the backdrop and lush greenery at the front is something most of us would die for.


Travel Near as well as Far

It’s very important to choose the destination according to the number of leaves you have. If you have a two-day off, you can visit a nearby destination and for a long weekend, you can choose a far-off place. Choosing the correct destination enables you to get the most out of the place other than spending time on travel.


I know it is tough to
incorporate travel in our daily lives, but if we have the right attitude, an eagerness to get a break from the daily routine, an eye for beauty and a go-getter attitude, we can surely make it work. So, instead of sitting at your workplace and wistfully dreaming of being at another place, you must take the ownership of your happiness and plan your every holiday wisely.

And, if your dream is to just travel, looking for a travelling job won’t be a bad idea either 😉

Keep calm and explore the world!!