Spectacular Oceanfront Cities Across The Globe For Beach Babies

Explore pristine beaches, golden sunsets, and romantic boulevards at the most spectacular oceanfront cities in the world! When the world is an oyster, think less and just go in for a dive or two and indulge in some sea-frenzy!


Vancouver, British Columbia

Nestled between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is a haven for the adventure enthusiasts, beach babies, and nature lovers. Dubbed as the “best city to live in” , a trip to Vancouver should be on the bucket-list of every traveller!


Sydney, Australia

There’s more to Sydney than meets the eye! The world’s largest natural harbour, it is a melting pot of cultures, and natural and urban landscapes. Plan a trip to Sydney and feed your fire with many beach-and-water sports!


San Sebastian, Spain

The picturesque shoreline and the Mediterranean climate have made San Sebastián a popular beach resort. Flirty and sexy, it is one of the most spectacular oceanfront cities in the world!


Cape Town, South Africa

A thriving hub of native African charm and multicultural ethos, Cape Town is known for its natural beauty and indomitable spirit! The beautiful Atlantic Ocean engulfs the town, resulting in long stretches of silvery beaches.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv will surprise you with its infectious energy and a bustling cosmopolitan vibe. This Mediterranean city enjoys the best of both worlds and is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site.


Nice, France

A true-blue Mediterranean city, Nice in Cote d’Azur boasts of world-famous beaches, buzzing nightlife, and pristine promenades. Conferred with the title of “Jewel of the French Riviera”, Nice is an oasis of luxury!


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best known for its beaches, tropical forests and majestic mountain peaks, Rio de Janeiro is a pulsating, vibrant city. Enjoying vast stretches of the Atlantic Coast, the city has some of the best beaches in the world!


The majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer stands tall, overlooking the entire city, and you shouldn’t miss visiting this attraction on your Rio trip.


Pondicherry, India

The erstwhile French colony of Pondicherry is a vibrant blend of all things Indian and a charming western past. Its tranquil beaches, rich history, and marvellous architecture are sure to take you back in time! If you love some ‘me’ time, a leisurely walk on the famous Promenade could be one of the reasons to visit Pondicherry for you.


Honolulu, Hawaii

Myriad hillocks, beaches, forests, and vast stretches of blue waters of the Pacific welcome you to the colourful landscape of Honolulu! This paradise in Hawaii has an electrifying nightlife which makes it a hit with the travellers.


Miami, Florida

Located on the Atlantic Coast in Florida, the city of Miami is also known as the Beach Party Capital of the USA. From nature reserves to party spots to family-friendly stretches of white sand–Miami has a beach for everyone!


Strolling along the boulevards, taming the unruly winds or satiating your adrenaline rush with beach sports–these spectacular oceanfront cities will offer something for everyone! The day is bright and the tide is high, pack your bags, it’s time to fly!