5 must-try coffee trends this season

Black or white, we know that no barista compares to your proportions of random morning coffee concoctions. Getting people out of bed for ages, this magic potion is the first thing you reach out to in the mornings, isn’t it?

Designating a special day to celebrate this habit of yours, here’s a specially curated list of 7 of the most trending coffee types this season!

1) Cold Brew

Without using heat, this coffee type takes a long time to brew. The cold water gently drips down the funnel, carrying with it the most desirable coffee remains into your cup.

Where: Timberyard, London

2) Nitro coffee

As intimidating as the name sounds, this coffee is comparatively easy to make. It’s made by adding nitrogen to the cold brewed coffee, making it creamy in texture.

Where: Select Starbucks stores around the world

3) Booze brews

If you’re a fan of the cold brewed coffee and strong flavours, this would be your new go-to drink! One of the options is made with cold-brew, cognac, cachaça, lime, orange juice and cinnamon.

Where:  Fondation Café, Paris

4) Coffee in a cone

This is the new instagram coffee trend of the season. Your coffee is presented in an ice-cream cone without the ice-cream, ofcourse! It is then lined with chocolate on the edges.

Where: Bluestone Lane, NYC

5) Chemex

Chemex is what you get if you want to experience a luxurious way of drinking filtered coffee. Prepared using a specially shaped coffee making kit, this gives you an unhindered taste of coffee with no-added flavours.

Where: Intelligentsia, Chicago

Btw, happy International coffee day! Which one are you trying today?