Ten Issues We All Face When We Book An Outstation Cab

When planning a trip to a different city, the biggest hurdle that comes our way is booking the cab. We are skeptical about relying on the local cab vendors but are left with no other option. Here is the list of ten issues which we all face while booking an intercity cab through local cab vendors

Two side charges

One way journey with two-way payment charges really hurts. For e.g if we travel from airport to Chandigarh, we have to pay the fare for Chandigarh to airport too, which is not justified.


High Rates

Local vendors charge as per their will. Bargaining with them takes all our energy. Also, knowing the fact that we don’t have any other option, we can’t even negotiate much.



Going to a new city and interacting with the cab driver who doesn’t understand your language is a hassle.


Unmaintained Cars

After convincing ourselves to pay hefty amounts to the vendors, when we look at the dirty and unmaintained cabs we have to convince ourselves again to travel in their car.



As there is no single platform to find out the rates of the different offline vendors, the ones who are well-known charge unfair rates. Also, sometimes they change the rates at the last moment.



Because of lack of contacts and knowledge, we are usually dependent on our relatives and others to help us book a cab. You have to share your travel plans with everyone even if you don’t want to do so.


Booking Cancellations

Sometimes, if the cab vendors get a better deal, they cancel the booking and give weird reasons to justify it. At the end, we waste our time calling multiple vendors to get the booking again.


Zero Punctuality

The cab drivers are usually late and are not bothered even if you tell them that you will lodge a complaint.



There is no way to ensure that the cab provider we have chosen is reliable and the proper verification of the driver has been done.


Door to Door Service

Many offline cab providers don’t provide door to door service, which adds to the inconvenience. They charge extra fare to come from their garage to pick you from your location.


No worries anymore!!

ixigo has come up with a new intercity cab vertical which enables you to book intercity cabs in just one click. It follows a model in which prices of various cab vendors are compared and the best deals are provided to you. It saves your time of negotiating with the cab vendors and also, you don’t have to interact with the local vendors. The vendors associated with ixigo are authorised and the full background check of the drivers is done.

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So, as cab booking is made easy, when are you planning your next trip?

About the Author

Kanika Agarwal is an avid traveller and likes to express simply by words of her experience. She admires natural beauty and her dream is to explore the unexplored.