The Magic Spell! Top Wishing Wells From Around The World

With no stars as a witness, you can always take a pause and make a wish. Although there is something about wells and fountains, that evokes a sense of making a wish and somehow believing that it will come true. Even though a strange belief, it is still exhibited and praised in extraordinary ways around the globe. Following is a list of some of the most famous places in the world where people travel to make a wish. Let’s explore the magic…


Trevi Fountain- Rome, Italy

Legend has it that if you visit this cultural icon and throw a coin with your right hand over your shoulder, you will surely return to Rome. This world-famous fountain collects 3,000 Euros per day.


The Fountains of Peterhof- St. Petersburg, Russia

Make your wish making experience grand and exquisite at the Fountains of Peterhof that comprises of 64 different fountains outside the Grand Palace. This setting is completed with brass decorations and statues that make up for a scenery like a framework.

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Covadonga Sanctuary- Cangas de Onís, Spain

In Spain, Asturias, there is a little cave that houses a beautiful little chapel to the Virgin Mary,  underneath which is a spectacular wishing pool. It is also a holy cave enveloped in myths and legends and endows travellers with a setting which is not only mysterious but romantic as well. As per legends, the coins dropped in this pool ensures the fulfilment of wishes.


Snow White’s Wishing Well- Anaheim, California

A popular site for West Coast lovers, the Snow White’s Wishing well is known for granting wishes to people all the time. This spot is not only popular among children, but also for people looking for love. The well is surrounded by beautiful marble statues of Snow White along with her seven dwarfs.

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Qianqiu Pavilion- Beijing, China

Boasting a gorgeously structured, ancient wishing well, Qianqiu Pavilion promises love and success to the wish-maker. The well has a unique charm with mysterious surroundings, drawing visitors in with its bequest of glory and mysticism.

So are you ready to ‘Make a Wish’?