Explore Bhutan: The Land of Monasteries and Mountains

Perched high in the eastern Himalayas, shining between India and China, Bhutan is a small dreamlike paradise. It is a country where development is measured by Gross National Happiness (and not by Gross National Product), where chillies are considered as a vegetable and where the rice is red. Come take a tour of this magical land with us:


We Recommend: Top Places You Must Explore

Known as the Last Shangri-La, Bhutan is blessed with far-reaching valleys, splendid Himalayas, and a plethora of rare fauna and flora.

1) Rinpung Dzong, Paro


Rinpung Dzong is popular as the Fortress on a Heap of Jewels and is a classic example of Bhutanese deep-rooted traditions and architecture.

What will attract you: Five storied central tower (Utse), open courtyard guarded by high rising walls.

Must know: Travellers are requested to wear long sleeve shirts (including men) to all Dzongs.

2) Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimpu


The massive 51m-tall statue of Buddha Dordenma is an exemplary gold and bronze figurine visible from almost anywhere in Thimphu.

What will attract you: Kuensel Phodrang nature park, meditation hall seated below the giant Buddha statue.

Shhhh..Secret: Buddha Dordenma statue encapsulates 125,000 smaller statues of Buddha. Wow! That’s exquisite!

3) Tiger’s Nest, Paro- Unofficial Symbol of Bhutan


Hanging on a cliff, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery stands 900 meters above an alluring forest of blue pines and rhododendrons. That’s a majestic view!

What will attract you: Sacred monastery of Guru Rinpoche, scenic views of the Paro valleys, cave temple.

Please note: Camera, phone or any other gadget is prohibited inside the monastery.

4) Punakha Dzong- The Palace of Happiness


Impressively spectacular and distinguished, Punakha Dzong is the second oldest and the second largest dzong in Bhutan. 

What will attract you: Intricate paintings and the architecture of the fort,  ‘one hundred pillar hall’ which exhibits ornate murals.

A Visual Treat: This Dzong is strategically placed between two rivers that showcase a noticeable colour difference, leading to a magnificent sight.

Fascinated Enough? Top 5 Facts about Bhutan

Bhutanese call their home “Druk Yul,” which means “the Land of the Thunder Dragons.”

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Indulge: Things You Must Try

1) Snowman Trek

Starting at Paro, Snowman trek will lead you to the remote corner of the Lunana Valley through Lingshi and Laya.


Best Time: Mid-June to Mid-October

2) Mountain Biking in Paro and Punakha

For exploring further ruins and monasteries, mountain biking trails are an excellent choice.

Quick Tip: Ditch your car and take a bike to experience rugged terrains, swirling dives and gorgeous rice fields.

3) Rafting and Kayaking

River Mo Chhu is perfect for beginners, while the lower Paro Chhu River will attract a more adventurous crowd with its many small boulder rapids.


Highlight: Opt for a rafting tour that will cover various places across Bhutan through the white waters.

A Rush of Flavours: Bhutanese Cuisine

Unlike any other food you’ll ever eat, Bhutanese food is delectable. When in Bhutan, try out the following dishes:


The Five-Need-To-Know Phrases in Bhutanese

Phrases to help you converse in Bhutanese:dialouge

Pick your Dates: Best Time to

Weather breakdown to help you choose the right travelling time:


Bhutan with its untouched beauty, stunning landscapes and legendary ancient temples, truly deserve your visit. So, wait no more! Plan a trip and explore the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’.