This Island in Japan is the Rising Travel Hotspot of the Season

Cobalt blue waters, yellow-golden sands and a night sky full of stars; sounds like heaven on Earth? Well it is!

Ishigaki, a paradise for tropical climate lovers, is a little island situated west of Okinawa Hontō.

So what’s so great about this island? Let’s find out!

Ishigaki’s Uganzaki Lighthouse at night

The sky is so clear that you can see 84 constellations out of all the 88 from this island, making it the perfect spot to house Japan’s the first Starry Sky Conservation District.


Japan’s Kagura performance


It’s an island where the traditional performing arts have flourished for decades. For the same reason, the island is also known as “the country of poets, the island of songs, and the land of dance”.


Ishikagi Soba

When you visit Japan, you’ll realise that every part of this country has its own specialisation in terms of food. But unlike the rest of the country, Ishigaki’s food culture is more meat based, owing to the tropical climate here. Also, the region is famous for their ‘Soba’-a classic Japanese noodle dish.


Ishigaki’s rainforests

There’s a rainforest hideout right on the island! Yup, it’s true! Situated on the northwestern part of the island, it’s like stepping into a rainforest right after you’ve been to the beach.

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