Top 5 Tips to keep your kids entertained during the lockdown

As the schools and nurseries are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, parents are confused with how to entertain their kids! 

Keeping children happy and active at home is quite a challenge. Here are some amazing ideas to keep them entertained: 

1. Read them some fantastic mythological stories

Ram, Hanuman, Krishna, Ganesha or Arjun – India has a number of its own superheroes. Read them out their stories of bravery, power, and intelligence during this isolation time.

2. It’s DIY time!

Greeting cards, origami, paper boats, kites and much more – encourage children to show their creativity and let them try their hands on some DIY stuff while at home.!

3. Plan the perfect movie marathon

Sit, relax and watch a series of child-friendly films with your kids on TV. It will not only keep them engaged but would also strengthen the bond between both of you.

4. Board games never get old!

Monopoly, chess, ludo, snakes & ladder, scrabble – There are several board games that can keep your children mentally active and alert while he is away from school. So, bring them back on the table and let the magic unfold.

5. Make some unforgettable memories

Dress them up, participate with them in games, feed them, talk to them, click some beautiful photos and spend quality time!

Stay at home, stay safe and make the most of this quarantine time with your kids.