Train Travellers Can Now Book Tickets For Shorter Distance!

There is a good news for train travellers as the Indian Railways has announced that passengers can now book short distance tickets even on long distance trains.

What’s more

The latest development allows travellers to book tickets for AC and sleeper coaches across all such trains. Earlier, it was not allowed for short distance travel on trains including Express Trains and Mails, compelling passengers to book long distance tickets even for a short journey.

The Indian Railways operates a plethora of long and short distance trains across the country and the main reason behind this new decision is that a major chunk of berth bookings take place for short distance as compared to long distance travel. As a result, the seat availability was affected for long distance travellers.

According to one of the Senior Railway Officers: “This would often force a passenger intending to travel to closer stations to book a ticket for a longer distance.”

The existing rule of booking long distance tickets was implemented in the year 1968 by the Indian Railways. However, with the new rule in place, you can now book your train tickets to your destination without shelling out extra charges.