How To Spot An Indian Abroad!

It’s never hard to spot an Indian anywhere in the world. Look for these traits of an Indian traveller abroad and have a hearty laugh. If you fall into any of these categories, then you know we are not lying! If not, then pass on to someone who does!  Here’s how to spot an Indian abroad!

Big Bag for Clothes. Bigger Bag for Food

Yes, we love our curries, namkeens and spices so much so that we carry our desh ki khushboo with us! We might forget our sweaters behind, but not these food items. And even when we are there, we crave for some good old-fashioned street food from India!


It’s Raining Social Media Updates

We are show-offs of the highest order and don’t tire till we have rubbed everyone’s noses in the fact that we are flying abroad. Expect a barrage of tweets, check-ins and instapics right from the moment we hail the taxi to the airport to when we are finally back home.


Shower/Dental/Sewing Kits are Collectibles

YES! We gotta catch ‘em all! From airline kits to shampoo bottles in hotel rooms, we collect items and pass them on as fancy souvenirs to our relatives back home.


Pickled up

So we have a “special arrangement” with our friends/relatives abroad. They give us shelter, we give them jars (read barnis) of home-made pickle!


Over-dressed! What is that?

We love to dress up and if left to ourselves, we would go Joey style–wearing each piece of garment for maximum panache! Regardless of the weather, we hug on tight to our furry jackets, faux-leather purses and thigh-high boots. Even if we are in the most fashionable cities of the world, we would strut our desi swag!


Mind your Tongue, and that Accent!

Oh those numerous failed attempts at talking with an accent. We are either constantly embarrassed by our fellow native traveller’s incoherent english, or are embarrassing others with our ceaseless list of an accent!

6 (1)

The More, the Merrier!

There is no such thing as “too much” in the desi dictionary. An aunt here, a cousin there–we love to travel in herds. But if you are one of those who prefer quietude, and get easily bugged, then these tips to travel with extended family will come in handy for that Zen state of mind!


Final Round of Freedom

Following in the footsteps of latest fads of enjoying a singles-only trip, you will spot these loud bunch of boys and girls enjoying their last lap on the freedom circuit. So if you thought an offbeat idea would give you some solitude, then perhaps you need to re-schedule your itinerary!


Endless Shopping Trails

Our bags magically multiply over the course of our vacation and when it’s time to go back, we are suddenly beyond the airline’s luggage limit! But how is that even possible? I mean, we only shopped for gifts, memorabilia, souvenirs, chocolates, electronics, cosmetics….OK! The best markets in the world bring out the shopaholic bug in us!


Bitten by the Photo-Bug

As if it was not enough that we took pictures of every imaginable thing on our journey, now we are bitten by the social-media bug! So now apart from desis posing everywhere, you will have them try out new perspectives, angles and shots to further their shutter-gyaan!


Laughter is the best medicine and if these traits of an Indian traveller abroad made you laugh, then pass on the sunshine. A smile don’t cost nothin’!


About the Author:

A wordologist, Etti Bali loves playing around with words, creating a world of absurd. In an ideal world, she would never wake up as she thinks slumber is the answer to all world problems.