Trending: ‘Paap and Prayashchit’ Route by IndiGo

Recently, IndiGo Airlines grabbed the attention of Twitterati for all the wrong reasons. This popular budget airline announced a direct flight from Bangkok to Varanasi and the internet couldn’t keep calm.

Well, if you are missing the point here, let us give you the logic behind the whole sensation. Varanasi is a city in Uttar Pradesh, famous for its Shiva Temples and the glorious Sandhya Aarati (devoted to Goddess Ganga). It is referred to as the spiritual capital of India.

While on the other hand, Bangkok is famous for entirely different reasons other than its beaches and nightlife.

So playing around this irony, the netizens termed the route as “Paap and Prayashchit” meaning the “sin and make amends” route. Hilarious!

While we know, IndiGo’s intentions were pure and righteous behind starting the new flight, Twitterati couldn’t help but hit some fun at the obvious.

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