Top 8 Best Food Items to Eat in the Rainy Season

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day”– said no food lover ever!

A rainy day is a special gift to food lovers! When the sky turns into different shades of blue, the weather is best complemented with some tangy, spicy and hot food, isn’t it?

So, here is a list of 8 delicacies from India which will remind you how a rainy day should be celebrated! Happy Cravings. Go slurp!

A Hot Cup Of Cutting Chai

What to sip on when it’s drizzling outside? Yes, you guessed it right! Some Garma Garam Chai. The combination of a hot cup of masala tea and the monsoon is inseparable. No one can underestimate the feeling this magical cup gives on a rainy day!

A Lazy Foodie’s Friend – Maggi

Every lazy person has mastered the art of making a plate of Maggi. This food tastes the best when the weather is this charmingly good. We’re pretty sure your kitchen has enough packets of Maggi already.

A Steaming Plate Of Momos

While you enjoy the bursting of rain, gulp down a plate of steamed hot momos with some red chutney and hot garlic sauce. Yes! That heavenly feel is for real.

Chatpata Chaat

Spice up this monsoon season by crunching on some lip-smacking chaat. While it’s pouring outside, make some homemade spicy chaats and enjoy the time just by yourself.

Grab a Samosa

Samosa is a favorite snack of every Indian and one of the best monsoon foods in India. A gastronomical delight, savour this item whenever you want but a samosa tastes the best while it’s raining.

Corn On The Cob

A delicious boiled or roasted corn is a saviour when the monsoon strikes. The spiced up corn with some lemon will surely charge you up when the dark clouds gather. Don’t feel guilty, put as much butter as you want and dig yourself in the corn. You deserve it!

Instant Khichdi

When you are stuck inside your house on a rainy day and want to make something really quick (not Maggi), then it should be a plate of khichdi. The monsoon breeze will definitely make your khichdi more aromatic. With a dollop of ghee, papad, and some pickle, khichdi is an one easy, yet a full fledged tasty meal.

Yummy Jalebi

A person with a sweet tooth doesn’t need a reason to gorge on some twisted jalebis. But when you actually have a reason to relish this mouthwatering delicacy, then you should not miss out at all. The hot fried jalebis with rabdi is a treat to try this rainy season.

So, now you know what to gorge on when the season is full of thunder and lightning. Till we meet again, happy monsoon folks!