How To Get A Flight Upgrade For Free

Travelling business class is a dream come true for some as not many can afford it. But getting a free upgrade is certainly possible. Want to bag a better seat? Follow these simple steps on how to get a flight upgrade for free.

1. Travel solo

Don’t even think about getting a free upgrade when travelling with family. Airlines find it easier to upgrade a solo passenger than a group. And how can we miss solo women travellers who have the highest probability of getting picked up for an available free upgrade. Hope all  men are reading! 😉

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2. An annoying co-passenger can be a blessing

Do wish that you get seated next to either an irritating co-passenger or a crying baby. Wondering why? If you are travelling solo, there are chances of you getting a flight upgrade for free. All you have to do is ask a flight attendant if he/she can move you elsewhere.



3. Always be the first to check-in

We all have heard the famous saying, “first come, first serve”. There aren’t too many empty seats in business class, so ensure you check-in first to be able to get a free upgrade. You will only get a free upgrade provided the flight passengers haven’t already shown up and there aren’t frequent passengers on that particular flight.


4. How loyal are you?

It’s often seen that loyal flyers of an airline get the first preference. Those who take flights on a regular basis have more chances of getting upgraded. What more you can do? Use your flyer miles to be able to get a flight upgrade.


5. Wish for an unpleasant experience at the airport

Was your luggage damaged? Faced any issues at the security? Any unpleasant experience at the airport? If your answer to all the questions above is “Yes”, there are chances of you getting a freebie (free seat in this case). Only if the problem reported is genuine and free seats are available, the airline will do everything to make an exception.


6. Become a member of the Airline Group

Make sure you are on the mailing list of airline groups, so it’s easy for you to receive any updates relating to discount offers and deals. Stay alert; you never know, you might just get an upgrade for your travel dates.


7. Have enough Air Miles?

What if an airline permits you to upgrade in exchange of your saved air miles? Great, isn’t it? Check for such airlines that allow you the same so you can travel in business class. It’s important to note that some airlines do charge extra, so keep yourself well informed


8. Dress up formally

We all know all airlines prefer to maintain a sophisticated clientele in the business class, so avoid wearing those loose tracksuit bottoms or be ready to curse your luck for not receiving any upgrade. Dressing up well can definitely influence many people around you and increase the chances of luck knocking at your door. 😀


Whenever flying next, make sure to make a note of all these 8 steps on how to get a flight upgrade for free. Let us know how lucky you were! 😉