Lose That Excuse–It’s Time To Explore!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”- St.Agustine

Love the concept of travelling, but have a bag load of excuses with you? Well we have solutions for your every excuse. So pull up your socks because after this article, you will surely be tempted to travel.

You say:
“I cannot travel alone”
We say: Disconnect yourself from the world and travel solo.

Once you travel alone you will wonder why the hell did you wait all these years to go solo! Travelling alone has many advantages to it–it builds confidence, you can meet new people and most importantly you can rediscover yourself.


You say: “I cannot travel; I need good food to survive”
We say: Then you should definitely travel and hunt down food.

Did you try the 29 food from India? If no, then start travelling if you think you are a true gourmand. Because we say life without food is no life at all!


You say: “I cannot travel I have no time”
We say: You can if you know how to plan your trip in a proper way.

Time should never be a factor if you really want to travel. We all just need to organise our time in an efficient way. The real answer always lies in how we plan the trip.


You say: “I cannot travel I have no money”
We say: And what if we tell you that you can do it.

You can actually travel the world and earn too! Yes you heard that right, earn while you travel is a great way to explore new places while also earning a few bucks to survive.


You say: “I cannot travel now, I will travel after I retire”
We say: All we have to say is don’t let the golden years pass by.

Travelling after you retire is a great idea but not travelling now is something you are depriving yourself of. Because living an adventure and making memories now are very important.


You say: “I cannot travel with my kids”
We say: A family that travels together stays together.

Make some memories with your little bundles of joy before they grow up. You might need to possess super human strengths to travel with kids but some adventures are worth a try.


You say: “I cannot travel; I hate the concept of flying”
We say: Have you heard of road trips?

Take your friends/family, grab a car or a bike and hit the roads. Do try the India-Myanmar-Thailand road trip which has been finally put to service.


You say: “I cannot travel; I have already seen everything”
We say: 196 countries? really!

If you have already travelled the whole world, we bet you still must have missed out on some things. Because this world is changing every second and you cannot see everything in one lifetime.


You say: “I cannot travel as I cannot communicate with other people if I travel to a new country”
We say: It’s ok! Language has no barriers.

Fear of not knowing a language shouldn’t stop you from travelling. Use your hands as your body language speaks a lot for you. Keep a smile on your face and travel the world.


Now that you are out of excuses, go plan a trip, pack your bags and start travelling. Do write to us about your experiences! Cheers.

About the Author:

Ria knows how to put herself through words. The magical story she unfolds is simply amazing. Only words can do justice!