What to buy from Brazil!

A checklist that will help you pick souvenirs and gifts from Brazil. 


Coffee Beans

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A bagful of coffee beans from Suplicy or Santo Grao is a must for anyone who has ever loved coffee.



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This is how the entire Brazil treads the fine line between fashion and comfort. Huge variety at the Oscar Friere stores.


Brazilian Hammock

Photo Courtesy – novica

This, if you have the space and an inclination to go swoosh.


Stone Windchimes

Photo Courtesy – 2.bp

Perfect souvenir for the perfect balance.


Marajoara Ceramics 

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Handmade by the Marajoara tribe of Africa, it’s a perfect gift for the culture vultures.



Karaja Tribe Baskets

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Handmade by the most skilled tribesmen of Karaja, these baskets are much more than just their looks.


Gemstones, Diamonds and More

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Diamonds, topaz, amethyst and more, Brazil is a treasure trove of gemstones. Get as many as the Customs Departments allows!


A Bottle or Two of Cachaca 

Photo Courtesy – Wiki Commons

Brazil’s most favourite distilled alcohol; goes amazing well with rum and  the Caipirinha (of course!).


Cuban Cigars

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This one doesn’t need any words of introduction. A must for the ones in love with cigars and keepsakes.


Fruit Candies, Tonnes of Those

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Sweet tooth alert! If candies could ever wed fruits, you’ll find it only at Brazil. Cashew, guava, papaya, orange, apricots and more. Choose wisely, choose all.


Handblown Glass Ornaments

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