Weirdest Bans Around The World

There are strange things happening every day in the world. Humans are rather amusing creatures and it is often questioned why are we on the top of the food chain. Over the years, people have created certain laws that ban the ridiculous things in the world. We have curated such a list of the weirdest bans around the world that’ll put today’s Trump-wall troll to shame.

1. Samosas in Somalia

India’s favourite snack is not only tasty and goes well with a hot cup of tea, but it is also harmless. However, Somalia’s extremist group, Al-Shabaab beg to differ with the rest of the world. Samosas were banned after deeming that the popular snack is too western. The justification for this weird ban was made on the basis of its triangular shape that resembles Christian Holy Trinity.


2. Time travel in China

Who doesn’t love the Terminator series or Back to the future series? Bet, you are a sucker for stories that are other-worldly and entertaining. But in China, time travel movies and shows that twist the political or cultural history of the country are banned. It was believed that creation of such stories promotes ambiguous values.


3. Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia

A simple celebration in the name of love for some and a capitalist scam for others, Valentine’s Day remains debatable. The religious authorities in Saudi Arabia stated that unmarried men and women should not celebrate this western festival as it promotes immoral relationships.


4. Chewing gum in Singapore

The Lion city issued chewing gum ban almost two decades ago. It happened after the government confirmed abundant vandals disrupting the public transit system by sticking gum on the doors of the trains. The penalty charges can vary from fine to community work to jail time.


5. Kinder surprise eggs in USA

This Italian candy with a surprise toy inside is a popular collectible among adults. The Unites States of America prohibits any confectionary product which contains a non-nutrient object, and so the banned was issued on the importation of these candies.


6. Ketchup in France

France gave the world a new sweeter, distinguished taste of life in the form of delectable cuisine. Their culinary police are particular about what the people of France feed on. They banned ketchup in schools because the American combination of ketchup made of tomato, salt, vinegar, spice, and sugar imposed a threat to their traditional cuisine style.


7. Piercings and Jeans in North Korea

Fashionable and trendy South Korea’s cousin North Korea has no dearth of restrictions under its law. In the recent most popular crackdown, a ban on jeans (read= western clothing) and piercings were imposed. The ban was mostly focused on the North Hamgyong and Yanggang provinces.


8. Fancy hairstyles in Iran

Iran’s ministry of culture introduced a list of acceptable hairstyles for its citizens. The new proposed looks were inspired by Iranian’s complexion, religion, and cultural Islamic law. To impose such laws can also mean a decline of westernization.


9. Reincarnation in China without government permission

The Tibetan Buddhists believe that the current Dalai Lama is the 14th reincarnation of a holy monk who lived in the 14th century. China banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government approval. This was an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation.


10. Winnie the Pooh in Tuszyn, Poland

As a kid, who didn’t love watching Winnie the Pooh’s notorious adventures? A park in Poland would beg to differ with your childish nostalgia as the local government imposed a ban on the ‘’half-naked’’ character. The troubling concern was its minimal clothing and dubious sexuality.


If you think you know more such strange bans around the world, then share your comments below. Keep exploring the world!