Wine, Wellness and Wonders! Why you should go to Douro Valley next?

Europe’s most famed wine valley deserves all the hype and then some more. With the dramatic landscape of a meandering river, terraced vineyards and undulating hills, the Douro Valley in Portugal is the ideal destination for your summer vacation.



Engage in lively conversations about wine, learn more about it and then delve deep into that sumptuous glass you’ll be holding.


Languid days in the valley are best spent marvelling at the idyllic beauty of the vivacious vineyards.


…. and if you want to stir up the fun quotient, kick off your shoes and go grape stomping.



An ideal vacation includes adventures, splendorous sights and then, some relaxation and rejuvenation.

In Douro, wellness is as much a part of life as is wine. So, combine the two and book yourself a stay at the Six Senses Wellness Resort, a renovated 19th-century manor house overlooking the vine covered rolling hills of the Douro Valley and the river below.


Two must-do things in Douro: a Boat Trip and a Train Trip!

Short boat trip navigating the Douro river and its many curves is perfect to enjoy the surrounding sceneries.


A train trip from Régua to Tua is one of most scenic journeys in Portugal. Needless to say, this experience should not be given a miss.


To enjoy the most fabulous views of the river and the vine-covered slopes, visit the many viewpoints in Pinhão, Tabuaço and Peso da Régua.

The dreamy daze of the place will linger long after you leave and you’ll soon be making plans to come back next summer.