Winter Delicacies Of India!

No winter is too cold when you have yummylicious food to keep you warm. We are here to tell you about some winter delicacies of India that all foodies should try this season to beat the winter blues!



Imagine yourself in one of the hill stations of south india, the cool misty weather and you sipping on the traditional soup rasam. This south Indian delicacy is a must try this winter.


Hot Gulab Jamun with Ice-cream

Hmm..I know what you are thinking–when you spread your favorite ice cream on top of a hot gulab jamun and put that in your mouth! Yes the feel is heavenly and we all share the mutual feeling.


Masala Khichri

On a lazy winter night when you don’t want to cook anything heavy, try masala khichri with some pickle. The amazing flavor of this dish will help you beat the winter blues.


Stuffed parathas with hot chai

India loves chai and specially when it’s freezing out there. Add to this some hot stuffed parathas and you have got a killer combo!.


Kosha Mangsho

Ask any Bengali about kosha mangsho and they will tell you how irresistible the dish is. And if you take a trip to Kolkata this winter, do try the nolen gurer sandesh!



This dish is made of winter vegetables such as carrots, green peas, brinjal and is a famous dish of Gujarat. For all vegetarians out there, this delicacy is a must try.


Moong Dal Pakora/Mirchi Bajji

Yumm…..the list of winter delicacies is not complete without mentioning the delicious moong dal pakora or the spicy mirchi bajji. Go grab some pakora or bajji before you continue reading the story!


Rogan Josh

This Kashmiri dish is a favorite among meat lovers. This oh-so-spicy curry is best teamed with hot rice.


Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a famous cuisine of east india. Try the dish when winter is at it’s peak with some mashed potatoes or brinjal bharta.

Litti_ChokhaBy Amrita Nityanand Singh

Sarson da Saag

Burrraahh! Makki ki roti sarson ka saag–yes this dish is something which no food lover can miss. Visit Amritsar this winter and try out this winter delicacy for yourself.

Makka_di_roti_sarso_ka_saag_with_makkhanBy Ak250587

You must have read about 29 states 29 food before, but this time, do try the winter delicacies of India. So come out of your cosy blanket and we bet it will definitely beat the winter blues out of you. Happy winter folks!


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