World Wildlife Day 2020: Sustaining All Life on Earth

Our earth is home to several forms of life including a wide variety of flora and fauna. The interactions between all the different species of nature have made life sustainable on the planet. 

The colourful peacocks, the majestic tigers, the blossoming flowers or the ever-playful monkeys – every creature has an important part to play.

World Wildlife Day celebrates the world’s plants and animals while raising awareness of issues that impact wildlife on 3rd March every year. 

This day serves to highlight issues such as – urbanization, poaching, pollution, destruction of wildlife habitats, etc.

Why is it celebrated? 

Wildlife plays an important role in the ecological, social, genetic, economic, scientific, recreational, cultural, educational and aesthetic aspects of human life and its sustainable development. 

This day celebrates a variety of beautiful wild fauna and flora by raising awareness about their several benefits.

Key Highlights

1. The day is observed in order to celebrate and raise awareness about the planet’s wild flora and fauna.

2. It encourages the preservation of the wilderness for the good of human well-being.

The Theme of Wildlife Day 2020

“Sustenance of all life on Earth” is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2020. It encompasses all wild animal and plant species as a part of biodiversity.
The year 2020 has been announced as the “biodiversity super year”. It will host several important global events talking about biodiversity.