Yellow, Yellow, Says a Happy Hello! A Valley That Shines the Brightest

No, this is not heaven! This blooming beauty exists on our very own planet!

Every spring, from March to June, acres and acres of blossoming yellow Canola flowers decorate and dazzle the Luoping Valley in Yunnan, China.


One of the most beautiful, most colourful places on Earth, Luoping is as striking in the morning’s first light …


… as it is when evening turns to night!


A ‘Golden Sea’ of Canola, or Rapeseed flowers, fill the air with a refreshing scent that attracts tourists, locals, and also bees!

(Luoping is, in fact, renowned for honey processing)


For more glorious sights, make your way to Jiulong Waterfalls (only 30 km away).


Also known as Nine Dragon Waterfalls, Jiulong is a marvellous masterpiece of Mother Nature.